Thea May is a 30 year old Ojibway, Canadian Singer Songwriter from Atikameksheng, Anishnawbek near Sudbury ON. Thea, who by day is an Indigenous Engagement & Business Development Consultant who works in mining and a full time single mother of an 9-year-old son, While keeping her day job a float Thea has been pursuing her music career full force for approximately 4 years. Thea is equipped with a live acoustic duo; she is all in to pursuing her music to become a full time endeavor. Her goal is to eventually use her musical leverage to help First Nation Communities using her voice, her artistic abilities and her real life experience. 

Thea found her love for creating music in her childhood years, Thea experienced many different traumatic things in her teens, and she was exposed to some really rough realities. She was writing and recording creations with her uncle Julian in his music studio, where they created music for films. Thea began to come out of her shell in her early 20’s, being a single mom at 21 really changes her timeline. At 24, Thea joined an acoustic duo with her friend and fellow guitar player and within 3 years they played approximately 400 plus live shows and counting. 

Just this past year, Thea has begun to really aim her focus in writing music; music has always been something Thea could turn to when she experienced a hard time. Thea released her first ever single this last summer 2019. Thea was a finalist for the Canadian Songwriters Challenge where she was invited to Dream House Studios in Toronto Ontario, having the privilege to collaborate with mentors like Adrian X, Julian Taylor & Adaline. From this workshop, she was able to create a relationship with Adrian X  who will be featured on her up and coming album Consciousness which is set to be released in June 2021. Since this workshop Thea has formed a collective by the name of Wolf Den who released a debut single “So Close” in October 2019, which charted in the top 10 on the Sirius XM radio stations Indigenous Music Countdown. Since then Thea has released another single in May 2020 which also charted on the Indigenous Music Countdown. Thea's latest single which she collaborated to make with Troy Junker "Runaway" is now available on all platforms. 

Thea May

"in a world of impermanent things, music lasts"